Software solutions that translate sensor data into valuable business information

Up-to-the-minute, actionable information about the condition, usage, and location of your business assets, as well as derived information such as the business processes being carried out.

Integral solution for physical asset management to control stocks, accesses, consumptions, and production processes without manual action, and in real-time. No more manual asset inventories.

A flexible solution for continuous monitoring and condition analysis of your production equipment that improves the
predictive maintenance at your sites.

Providing IoT software solutions

Among other things, we stand out as a provider of cloud and edge-based solutions for asset monitoring and asset tracking for predictive maintenance, internal logistics, customer care, or general service provisioning.

We work for you, with you

Using our platform, experience, and capabilities in asset management and asset tracking, we

 can work together to build the right solution for your needs. Are you ready to start?


Ready to use cloud-based asset monitoring solutions and edge computing devices


Our solutions can be rebranded and tailored to provide solutions through your portfolio


Enhance your software platforms through the integration with our asset management and tracking solutions