Bringing data from sensors to the user is our business

We provide white-label software to integrate sensors with IoT gateways, cloud services, and industrial systems

We create information highways

We are experts on creating solutions for the management of information from the source to the end-user, either by a computer, a process, or a user. The paths we design and implement are as diverse as the environments we work on.

Increase your market share with an end-to-end solution for your customers

If your business is about hardware, ours is about software and together we can offer customers the end-to-end solution they need for their business

Release to market, a product in a breeze without significant investment

Forget about designing and developing a product from scratch! Skip those phases and start with marketing, training, and sales. Either through a white-label branding or a partnership, our products could be in your portfolio in a fraction of the time and the cost that would be if you develop it yourself.

If your sensors measure assets, Avibana converts the measurements into business information

Either on the cloud or on the edge, Avibana collect data from sensors, map it to assets, and reports the condition of the assets


If your sensors read tags, eTaggate provides asset tracking, consumption, and usage information in relation to processes

Through a mesh of readers, inventories, and business rules, eTaggate can monitor and verify the right process operation, and notify of abnormal or unexpected business operation conditions.


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