Connecting assets to business intelligence

Bridging the gap between sparse data acquisition and integrated business information

Optimize the availability of your assets with minimum stock and forecast

Manual asset and consumables supply and verification procedures in highly volatile environments are slow, costly, and error-prone. We can help your assets talk to your production intelligence for highly efficient operation

Connecting sensors to end users of the information

We provide to sensor and hardware manufacturers solutions to connect sensors to cloud or edge information systems


Empowering maintenance service providers with solutions for managing, monitoring, and tracking your own or your customers' assets

Our software solutions can be tailored to the context of your business, offering a better and more efficient asset maintenance service to your customers


Cloud or edge-based solutions for predictive maintenance or on-premises logistics

Ready-to-go solutions to connect any sensor anywhere and to provide the relevant data to users through customizable dashboards


Up-to-the-minute information of where each asset o material is located or who has it without any manual record

Keep track of the usage of equipment and consumption of fungibles, avoid losses, or run out of stock of essential material. Optimize in-house supply and have the equipment and fungibles needed wherever they are needed when they are needed.