Cloud or Edge-based
Real-time Asset Management


A top-class asset condition monitoring solution for every business

Organize your assets, connect the sensors, collect the data, analyze it, and take action.

A state-of-the-art cloud-based condition monitoring solution to leverage your installation maintenance to the top-class, reaching higher levels of reliability, productivity, and quality, while spending less money than now.


AkaltaEdge Family of IoT Devices

Diverse capability certified devices to host Avibana Edge and eTaggate installations on your site. Ask us and we will tell you the most appropriate setup for your needs.


Track assets, consumables, and people on your site using RFID tags

Tag everything, set the zones, gates, events, rules, and permissions and your internal business logistics will work by itself

Whatever is your business platform (transport, factory, health care, warehouse, etc.) eTaggate will ease the management and tracking of people and your assets and consumables around your site while managing all IoT devices according to your business rules