Condition Monitoring and Data Analysis using any type of sensors anywhere all the time

Avibana is the predictive maintenance tool you were looking for

Avibana is a software solution addressing the asset health monitoring needs that industries and public works require, achieving optimal maintenance and reliable production. Its powerful tools for vibration and ultrasound analysis provide the pillars for predictive maintenance to achieve production and quality improvements while reducing operating costs due to fewer failures, fewer maintenance shutdowns, and extending the life span of the equipment.

It encompasses the data collection from sensors, its storage, its preprocessing, and its visualization using different approaches and techniques in order to analyze the data and to help the analyst to establish the exact condition of each monitored asset.


Predictive maintenance offers the best ROI among the industrial maintenance approaches, and Avibana goes further by reducing the investment thanks to:

  • Offering along with the continuous asset monitoring, capabilities for asset management (according to ISO 14224), alarm management, inspection, and route management, all integrated into a highly customizable dashboard.

  • Offering a pay-per-use model, with no licensing costs, no server installations, and no IT personnel required to operate it.

  • Enabling the use of the new and cheaper off-the-shelf IoT devices


All editions offer browser-based interfaces, static and dynamic measurements, alarms, sensors, and measurement point management, data export, and data analysis tools.


  • On-premises

  • Using AkaltaEdge IoT device

  • Online sensors

  • Single user

  • Digital Twin optional


Everything in the Enterprise Edition plus:

  • Customers and permission management

  • Customer-based data export

  • Data import from other platforms

(* available in 2022)


  • On-premises

  • Virtual box

  • Online sensors

  • Offline sensors

  • Multiuser

  • Asset & Device management

  • Routes & inspections

  • Custom dashboards


Everything in the Site Edition plus:

  • Session and student management

  • Specific teacher and student permissions

(* available in 2022)


  • On private cloud

  • Online sensors

  • Offline sensors

  • Calculated KPIs

  • Multiuser

  • User, Asset & Device management

  • Routes & inspections

  • Custom dashboards

  • Integration with Avibana Edge installations

Enterprise, Provider, and Training can be customized, and, through the use of plugin adapters, they could be integrated with ERP, CMMS and WMS solutions.


  • Asset management

    • Organization of assets by categories, types, locations, etc. (ISO 14224)

    • Asset lifecycle management

  • Data collection

    • The online collection from different sources, like OPC servers or TWave T8 gateways

    • Optionally, data could also be collected from offline readers like the SDT 340

  • Data Analysis

    • Trends, Waveforms, Spectra, and other visualizations with a full set of analysis tools

  • Measurement management

    • Relating measurement points, parameters, and sensors

  • Customizable dashboards

    • Design the dashboards you need to get the information you want at once.

  • Alarm management

    • Definition of safe, relative, and absolute alarms, notification, and acknowledgement of them.

  • Inspection management

    • Definition of routes, assets per route, and inspection planning

  • Multi-organization, multi-user cloud-based application

    • Customized dashboards by users, with role-based access to data and operations