Real-Time Localization, usage, and stock control of assets and medical material in healthcare centers

Optimize the availability of medical material and equipment so it is where and when it is needed

Keep optimal stock levels of medical material at each area of healthcare centers without overstocking and know the location of all equipment in order to offer the best service


Using cheap RFID or other technologies to detect equipment, consumables, and people movements inside healthcare centers

By knowing the movements of assets and people amongst the different units and zones of a building, it is possible to detect consumptions, undersupply or oversupply of any material or to locate instantly any equipment, material, patient, or personnel.


Detect in real-time consumption and theft of medical material

Get notified when any equipment leaves its defined restricted area, or a patient leaves the building with non released material. Minimize expenses on medical material while improving their availability. Be confident in having the required equipment or material where it is needed and when it is needed.